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    Is younique a scam?

    Is younique a scam?


    Younique is a mlm/ network marketing company. They have been getting more exposure teaching their reps to create a facebook group and invite their friends through it. They pride themselves on at home internet parties. Which works for the friends you have, but then you have to o other things to build more sales and followings. Such as social media engagement, capturing leads, search engine opimazation, and more.


    Is younique a scam?


    This is a common question throughout all network marketing companies. The answer is no, younique is not a scam. It is a company that has had great success in the mlm industry and cosmentics.


    Requirements of Younique:


    You must have their starter kit which is $99 and they change products from time to time with whats in the kit but it is usually the most popular products at that time. You need to qualify every 3 months to make at least $125 of product sales. Commissions vary between what level you are at and are anywhere from 10-20%.


    My review on Younique:


    I started first by trying the mascara and I loved it I then purchased the starter kit because I love the products. I don’t sell them but I do like the products because they work good and are natural. My favorite products are the shimmer eye shadow and 3d fiber mascara. The before and after pictures are true it really does add volume, lengthens, and makes your lashes darker.


    If you have questions on younique feel free to reach out to me!


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