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    Is young living a scam?

    Is young living a scam?

    is young living a scam

    Young living has been in business for over 20 years so it has a strong presence in the essential oil industry. Young living started out as a organic farm and built into a strong network marketing company. Young living is founded by D. Gary Young. They are known for the pure essential oils.


    When young living started there was not much hype of essential oils and its benefits as there is today with more competitors. Young living product lines has been known for family health, cleaning, pets, weight management, joint, and overall health



    Young Living Business Opportunity Review:


    Young living has a great reputation. Its been in business for more then 20 years which says it itself no young living is not a scam. Most people say things are scams once they start failing in business you unfortunately need the right business tactics and online marketing knowledge to generate leads and customers in any product you sell. Sign up for the newsletter below to learn ways to market your business online or just reach out to me!



    The story of Gary Young, founder of young living:


    Gary Young founder of young living, is very knowledgeable and has kept his products known for its purity. He has traveled to several countries learning more and doing continued research in essential oil. The products are natural, and 100% pure. Essential oils are used for a multitude of remedies siuch as spiritual health, mental, emotional, and wellness.


    Pros of being a Young Living Distributor:
    • Name Recognition
    • Product Purity
    • A variety of products
    • Scientific research
    • Proof of health stories
    • Events
    • Starter kit is as low as 40 dollars
    • Community
    • Rewards
    • Education



    Young living Compensation Plan

    The compensation plan is known for being not easy to understand. Distributers can make money by selling products or enrolling distributors. You are able to acihieve sign on bonuses, ongoing commission, and commission from your own purchases To make a good amount with young living I would recommend building distributors to make more.


    • You earn commissions from your down line. Commissions start at 8% of your first sale. 5% of your second sale and 4% of the next 3 downlines.
    • You get 25% of commission for the first 3 months of each new distrubutor
    • You get $25 for each starter kit purchased
    • Your earn team points




    Young Living Lab:

    Young livings lab is in Salt Lake City, and is still moving up the line in their network marketing essential oils business. If your in love with essential oils I recommend trying them out. IF your wanting to build money online I recommend finding a company with a higher commission plan, I like digital altitude for that. However I still use essential oils all the time and love them as well.


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