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    Why Muscle Imbalances are important to take care of

    Why Muscle Imbalances are important to take care of:

    Muscle imbalances are important to take care of so we have overall body health and strength and it does not lead to injury. Most muscle imbalances cause injury due to over strength in an area and less strength in another area so the body consistently over compensates during our daily activity on those muscle groups.

    See what can happen if you do not take care of muscle imbalances:

    Why Muscle Imbalances are important to take care of


    What is a Muscle Imbalance:

    A Muscle Imbalance is when a muscle is stronger or weaker than its opposing muscle or there is an alteration of muscle length surrounding a joint.


    Example of Muscle imbalances: focusing heavily on building chest can cause muscle imbalances, causing the pectorals to be stronger than the surrounding muscles and cause you to have a hunched forward posture.


    How Muscle Imbalances Happen:

    When a muscle is overworked or overstretched from our day to day activities, while others arent. If you concentrate on one body part during your workout or job they may become overdeveloped or over stressed causing a muscle imbalance.


    How to fix muscle Imbalances:

    To fix muscle imbalances you must work on strengthening the weak muscles and stretching the strong muscles. Develop overall strength throughout the body. Make sure when these are fixed you concentrate on overall fitness so for example one day a week on each body part. As your fixing the muscle imbalance you may need to concentrate on those weak muscles till it is overall built.


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    ARTICLE: Why Muscle Imbalances are important to take care of

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