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What is the nervous system for? - My site

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    What is the nervous system for?

    what is the nervous system

    What is the nervous system:

    The nervous system is nerves and cells that carry messages to and from the brain and spinal cord to parts of the body. The nervous system is both the Central nervous system and Peripheral nervous system.


    Nervous system is one of the main organ systems of the body that consists of a network of specialized cells called neurons that transmit and coordinate signals, providing communication to the body.


    What is the Central nervous system

    It is short for CNS – Central nervous system consist of brain and spinal chord.


    What is the Peripheral nervous system

    It is short for PNS – Peripheral nervous system contains only nerves & connects the central nervous system to the body.


    What are the functions of the nervous system:

    There are 3 main functions of the nervous system: sensory, integrative, and motor. Sensory function is ability to sense change internal or external environment. Integrative is ability to analyze and interpret for a decision to respond. Motor is the response such as muscle contraction, changing walking pattern, etc.


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    Article: What is the nervous system for?

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