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What about 7 day slim down programs? - My site

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    What about 7 day slim down programs?

    7 day slimdown

    What about 7 day slim down programs?

    7 Day Slim Plans are a great way to detox, or trim up fast for an event. Typically it is healthy clean foods straight for a week, so if you haven’t been eating healthy foods in the past it can shock the body, and get your great results with a great detox. A detox is a cleanse which when the body has healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, minerals, vitamins, clorophyll it cleans out the toxins.

    If you are looking to loose weight and trim down, you will need to create a calorie deficit with diet and exercise, so by your event day, your abs will look more toned and you will feel much slimmer. A calorie dificit means that you burn more calories than you consume. Remember:

    1 lb = 3500 calories

    Remember to never drop below 1,200 calories a day. You can get a calorie chart in my plans to help you add calories here and there when you need them.

    Seven Day Slim down plans gets rid of bloating and that outer layer of fat to make you tighter, leaner, toned and sculpted. Sick to it if you don’t see a food on the list…don’t eat it. Its for this one week, you can wait one week. As with anything, listen to your body, have fun and remember the goal is for you to bring you happiness and health.

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