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    Tips when eating in social situations:

    Key to eating healthy in social environments is to plan ahead. Bring what you need. You are going to face peer pressure its part of the process. Just let them know why you are making other choices and if they continue to peer pressure you or give negative energy minimize spending time with negative people.

    Tips when eating out with friends:

    – Plan ahead. Look to see what’s on the menu to know what to choose that is the best choice for you and stick to that choice. If you don’t find anything, eat ahead and just get a drink or bring your own meal.
    – Aim for healthier food choices. Look for options that have a lean protein source, vegetables, salads, etc.

    – Eat slowly; make sure you chew your food completely. This will help you to eat longer which can prevent the desire for dessert or more. It also has a psychological effect on making one feel more full as well as helps digest your food better.

    – Choose one thing on the menu you will have and stick to it. You can’t always control how much they’re going to bring but you can still control your quantity.

    – Eat before you go so you don’t over eat. Having even a small snack can prevent you from making bad decisions.

    – Bring a healthy dish to share if it’s a gathering.

    – Don’t linger by the food this will prevent you from picking things up and will keep it off your mind.

    – If you can, control the destination. Look up healthy food options and suggest them.

    – Resist grabbing appetizers; this will prevent you from over eating.

    – Avoid anything with the word crispy, battered, and fried, bread, aioli, etc.


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