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    Simplify and Achieve

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    Have you ever found yourself talking yourself out of something amazing
    before you’ve even begun? I’ve watched clients talk themselves in and out of a
    million scenarios before ever getting started. Why? Because in their heads
    they’ve built the task up to be even bigger, harder and scarier than it really is.
    The magic is in the unknown however some of us never even make it there to
    find out.

    As humans, we just loooove to make things hard. One of my all time
    favorite songs is Ex-Factor by Lauren Hill. The one line that always sticks out to
    me is, “It could all be so simple but you rather make it hard”. Life really is simple
    but as humans we throw in a handful of emotions, a side of over thinking, and a
    dash of assumptions and life *SURPRISE* gets harder.

    I feel like this hits home when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. People
    have so many excuses for why they can’t eat better, make it to the gym or take
    a walk with their family after work. I think the problem starts with getting caught
    up in our own heads.

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    1. Slow down
    You’ve decided to make your health a priority. You know your diet could use an
    overhaul and you can’t remember the last time you’ve exercised. A million
    thoughts are swirling through your head and you want to attack all of them at
    once. Diet. Broccoli. Organic. New clothes. Exercise. Weight Loss. New
    sneakers. Wake up early. New schedule. Before you know it you’re
    overwhelmed, caught up in your own head.

    Stop. Breathe. Regroup.
    Remind yourself that you can do this. You are more than capable.

    2. Be honest with yourself
    Show yourself a little love. We forget how capable we are, especially when
    we’ve set our minds to something. So why do you want to get healthy? Get
    clear about it. Do you want to be able to walk up a flight of stairs without losing
    your breath? Or maybe it’s to lose weight? Well how much weight do you want
    to lose? By when? How will you reward yourself when you’ve achieved your
    goals? New workout clothes? A vacation?

    Get clear about what your goal is, why you want to achieve it and then establish
    how you will reward yourself. I have my clients write down their goals and whys
    and post them around their bedrooms, offices, or bathrooms to keep them
    motivated and on track. Be gentle with yourself though. If your goal is to be able
    to run a mile in 10 minutes without stopping and you haven’t put your running
    sneakers on in over a year mayyyyybbbbbeee your first goal should be to make
    it out for a 30 minute jog, 4 times in the next week. It doesn’t matter how little
    your goal is as long as you get out there and make it happen.

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    By getting clear about your goal and your why, you will be able to slow down the
    confusing swirl of mental chatter.

    3. Leave judgment behind.
    I tell my clients to wake up every day and say this phrase as a way to recommit
    to their healthy lifestyles, “Today, I will make the best choices I can for my
    health.” Every day won’t be perfect but as long as you start fresh each morning,
    do your best and leave judgment behind you’re winning.

    If you need help getting started or staying on track I highly suggest creating a
    support system. Your support system can include trusted family members
    and/or friends also tackling a healthy lifestyle. Be a source of motivation and
    accountability for each other. Lift each other up when one of you struggles.
    Sometimes we don’t always realize how far we’ve come until someone else
    mentions it. Also, seeing others struggle reminds you that we’re all human and
    no one is perfect.

    Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 12.46.54 PM

    Another option is hiring a coach who is knowledgeable in nutrition and fitness to
    hold you accountable and help you crush your goals. Your coach should be a
    safe, encouraging, nonjudgmental person for you to receive the information and
    guidance you need to tackle your goals. Make sure you research this person
    and learn about their background. Not all coaches are created equal or have the
    same education/background.

    There have been countless times when I’ve caught myself deep in the
    midst of an unnecessary mental swirl of thoughts. And I’m not ashamed to say
    that I’ve talked myself out of some truly amazing opportunities because of that
    swirl. However, once I learned to keep life simple, to slow down and breathe, to
    be honest with myself, and to leave self-judgment behind me it became so
    much easier to get after life and everything it has to offer.

    About the Author, Miriam Popp:

    Miriam Popp is a lifestyle advisor and the owner of Vibrant Lifestyle Coaching, an
    online coaching program that advises amazing women on how to stop the cycle of
    limiting thoughts and live the life of their dreams utilizing holistic protocol. After
    competing in several fitness competitions with the WBFF, Miriam decided to attend
    the American College of Healthcare Sciences studying Holistic Health and Wellness
    in their online program. She’s a Boston girl who has recently relocated to SoCal for
    year round sunshine and palm trees.

    Author:  Miriam Popp

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