Personal Training in Boulder Colorado

Find Yourself Healthy offers a 60-minute one on one, with a partner, or small group training sessions. This session of personal training in boulder Colorado is custom to you and your goal. We have a private comfortable workout studio for personal training in Boulder Colorado, so it’s just your goals and us. We are able to travel and train outside based on custom quote of distance.

Chelsea is a personal trainer with focus on outcome desired by client. At FYH studio, clients has access to state of the art latest fitness equipment and gadgets. Successful fitness journey comes handy when it comes to personal training in boulder Colorado. Chelsea also sells exclusive as well as non-exclusive FindYourselfhealthy’s fitness products such as resistance bands and suspension trainer.

RIGHT use of gym equipment is the key to success during workout. It is where the right selection of Personal trainer comes into play. Chelsea is best known for teaching the correct method to use gym machinery.

Personal Training in Boulder Colorado includes:
  • Fitness workout and anatomy knowledge
  • Proper form and spotter
  • Personalization, accountability, and support
  • Private workout suite to maximize time by eliminating distractions and avoiding intimidation
  • Depending upon your goal aerobic and strength training exercises
  • Consultation and coaching able to answer and fitness /nutrition questions along your journey
  • Sense of nutrition program to fuel changes and maximize your results




Take the guesswork out of eating healthy, losing weight, or building muscle. Our daily meal plans can help you healthfully lose or gain weight. The plans are customized for your goals and meet your nutrition needs as well as daily workouts.


Receive Daily Workouts customized with the things you like and what will get you to your goal as well as teaching you how to do the exercises.


Meal Plan telling you what exactly to eat and when to Get You to your Goal in no time, teaching you why the process will work.

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Want to maximize your results?

To maximize your results, doing a nutrition and workout plan is key along with personal training. When you’re on your own you know exactly what to do at the gym. You know what to eat to get the results you want. You can do just a monthly workout or nutrition plan or a combination of both.

A monthly nutrition and workout plan based on where you currently are with your body and where you want to be. Each month the nutrition and workout plan changes as your body changes. So it is good to continuously make sure you are changing your workouts to challenge the body. Changing the nutrition based off of the goal. So the body adapts comfortably to make a lifestyle change not a quick fix fail.

A month nutrition and workout plan is for the current month for your body. To maximize results getting a 3-6 month plan with custom plan each month will get you results. However following a specific plan as per your need is must to get desired results.




  • Recipe book filled with over 100+ recipes
  • Custom nutrition guideline what exactly to eat to fit in your macros appropriately
  • Proper carb cycling so your body is adjusted healthy
  • Supplement guideline
  • What to eat on the go
  • What to eat at restaurants
  • Food Log, Exercise Log, Cardio Log
  • Custom Cardio Workout
  • Custom Strength Training workout
  • Workout Dictionary


not in Boulder Colorado?  Go Virtual!

If Personal training in boulder Colorado is not possible for you. You are not from the Boulder area or your schedule is too busy. Just take the virtual root. Find yourself healthy also offers virtual personal training sessions. These sessions would be conducted through skype. Giving instructional exercises with equipment you have or using body weight. This time is also used for assessments and to answer any questions you may have regarding your fitness and nutrition goals.