Airbrush Spray Tanning

We all know baking in the sun or in a tanning bed is very bad for our skin. Airbrush spray tanning is a healthy alternative. Spray tanning is a form of sunless tanning where a mist is sprayed onto your body. The mist has an ingredient called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is a healthy fat, it interacts with your own skin’s chemistry to turn it tan or bronze. This is a temporary effect that can generally lasts from 7 days – 3 weeks depending on how dark you go, where you go, etc. The more your showers and scrub your skin the faster it will come off. Spray tanning is completely safe for your skin, our sunless tanning spray formula has natural ingredients, antioxidants, and holistic ingredients that are healthy and paraben-free. We have solutions for all skin types, creating a natural golden tan to as dark as you want. With airbrush spray tanning you can get the exact color you want.
Up to 15 miles
5 Sessions for $45 per session
Up to 30 miles

We accept parties as well!

An airbrush spray tan is around 30 minutes including changing, spraying, and drying.
We pride our business on health, our line of spray tan solution natural safe for even the most sensitive skin types being made of natural ingredients and paraben-free. They contain NO harsh chemicals or harmful preservatives.
The tan is on the outer layer of your skin. It last until your skin cells shed in the normal exfoliating cycle. A typical tan last from 4-15 days depending on the after care attentions, the persons skin, and the amount you exfoliate the skin. Proper exfoliation and cleansing before you attend a spray tan will help for the sunless tanner to last longer so the product has the best contact with the skin. Moisturizers after the sunless tan can help extend the tan.
A spray tan is a spray gun done through machine spraying you. An airburst spray tan is applied with an airbrush; it has more precise control, but takes longer then a spray tan. They are different applications but frequent the terms airbrush tanning is often applied synonymously with the term spray tanning.
We offer mobile spray tanning where we can come to you. If you have parties we welcome them as well. If you do not have a space for this just let us know we will get the location set.
No you can get sprayed in a swimsuit. If you want the best tan without tan lines then we recommend removing clothing but do as your comfortable a spray tan assistant will spray you during an airbrush tanniing.

How to prepare for your Airbursh Spray Tanning Session

Wax or Shave before your appointment.

You can even do it a day or two before, or the day of so your pores close and the hair is removed to get the most our of your bronzer.

Exfoliate your skin before your appointment.

Get off as much dead and dry skin as possible before the self tanner spray

Do not come with moisturizers, makeup, or deodorant on.

These products contain oils that can make it hard for the sunless tanner to bind to your skin and can cause the tan to look blotchy. So come with clean skin and nothing on it.

Don’t shower right away after.

Give your sunless tanner time to soak in to get the most of it. If you shower right away you may remove some of the sunless tanner. Let it at least soak in the skin for around 5+ hours before showering