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    Pruvit Review

    Pruvit Review


    pruvit review

    Pruvit, the new keto product on the market! But whats all the hype about? Pruvit is an LLC company called Pruvit Ventures LLC. Pruvit offers ketone supplements in powedered form to mix in a drink as well as an mlm opportunity for those that want to promote and make money.


    Pruvit is based out of Melissa, Texas. Terry Lacore, Chris Harding, and Brian Underwood founded Pruvit.


    Does pruvit actually work?


    Your body contains ketones, and the keto pruvit products puts the body in a ketosis state to burn fat, provide energy, and more. Pruvit developed a test through urine strips to show that to body is in a ketosis state. Once you take the drink mix you can use the pruvit urine strips to test that your body is in a ketosis state to start burining fat. This is also proof that pruvit products truly work.


    Pruvit Keto Product Benefits:

    • Burn Fat
    • Weight Loss
    • Energy
    • Improve Performance
    • Fights Cancer
    • Improves Cognitive Function



    Pruvit Compensation Plan

    Pruvit is also a network marketing company and has a business opportunity. Residual income is made on the first 3 levels of your downline in pruvit.

    1st level : 40% commission

    2nd level: 10% commission

    3rd level: 5% commissions



    My personal thoughts on pruvit:

    I’ve looked a lot into health mlm companies and what gets me most is the tiny commissions companies pay out, most are only 3 %, which is crazy. Pruvit has a high commission percentage at 40% for the first level, which I think is a great percentage. I then tried pruvit. I realized energy right away! Then I did see that my body did cut some fat, however I questioned it because I was traveling that week and wasn’t sure so I tried it again and it works! It’s a great product for burning fat and also giving energy in my honest opinion.



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