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No Diet is Right: Bio-individuality/ Ancestry/ Blood Type - My site

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    No Diet is Right: Bio-individuality/ Ancestry/ Blood Type

    Different diets are sweeping the world, going in and out. There’s low fat, high protein, low carbs, and more. Each diet will claim in works with the testimonials showing it does for some. However, we are too individualistic to eat the same food. Not one diet is right for one person. It’s up to you to find out what food is best for you and your body. Having a good idea on the amount of levels your eating and proper nutrition will help you reach your goal. People eat differently based off of their job from a physical labor to an office job and age plays a role, teens, kids, to adults eat differently, and based off of their workout and goals it can cause different foods for different reasons. It’s up to you to find what is best.

    Your ancestry shaped you and the food your ancestry had plays a role as well. Based off of where your from the foods they typically eat will be loved by your digestive system. For example Japanese people tend to thrive better on rice, fish, sea vegetables and India ancestry their digestive system will do well with basmati rice, beans, curry, etc. This also goes in reverse. Foods that your ancestry doesn’t have much, the digestive system may have difficult time to digest the type of foods that your ancestry doesn’t eat. Research your ancestry the type of foods they have and see how your body does on them.

    Blood Type:
    Your blood type influences the foods to have as well. There are four blood types, which are (A, B, AB, O). Each blood type has strengths and limitations that can influence your health. Based off of your blood type, when your food gets digested it causes a chemical reaction between the food and your blood. Some food will have no impact on the blood cells while others can cause the blood type to clump together, those foods are what you shouldn’t be having for your body. When you have food that is incompatible with your blood type it can cause health problems. For example Blood type O’s are more energizes by eating meat they do better eating less carbohydrates and more fats and protein when blood type B is better at digesting diary. Blood type A tends to burn sugar (carbohydrates) more slowly and can handle more carbohydrates in their diet.

    You can find out your blood type by taking a blood test at your doctors office, or a blood lab, or there are home figure prick test that you can take.


    Author: Chelsea Marie
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