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    My Top Food Recommendations

    Lemon – One lemon has more then 100% of vitamin C, which can balance your cholesterol levels, and boost your immune system. Lemons have been found to aid in weightloss and boosting your metabolism. One thing I love about lemons is it alkalines your PH levels in the body. So after a hard work out, stressful day, acidic food I’m always caution of alkalining my ph level, which lemon and watermelon are the two highest alkalining foods.

    Broccoli – Broccoli is a vegetable high in protein, so it can help build that lean body but it also has more then 100% of the daily dose of vitamin c and k.

    Salmon – salmon is a lean protein source and one of the top sources of omega- 3 fatty acids which helps with joint pain, skin, etc. Salmon contains niacin, b3 vitamins, which can help prevent alzhiemers.

    Walnuts or Almonds – Both are a healthy fat and make for a great snake. They provide omega -3 fats in your diet, which are needed for reducing cholesterol. They also provide vitamin e and fiber, which is good for regulating your guy, improving your immune system, and skin.

    Avocado – avocado is another healthy fat that can lower cholestraol levels, they provide folate, fiber, and protein.

    Garlic – If your look up almost any natural remedy, garlic is typically in it. Garlic is one of the best antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammation foods. You can cure diseases or illnesses with garlics properties. Garlic provides vitamins and minerals to help fight off any flu, cold, or cancers.

    Spinach – Spinach is filled with clorophyll to cleanse, also vitamin c, vitamin A, zin, selenium, folate, and other minerals. It provides antioxidants and helps protect you from cancer, illnesses, and improve eye health.

    Blueberries – blueberries are packed with antioxidants, which help protect you from free radicals and aging. Blueberries is also one of the lowest glycemix index fruits which helps to not have a sugar crash.

    Sweet potato – Sweet potatoes are one of the best sources for vitamin A, a great source of potassium, and high in protein.

    Quinoa – Quinoa contains 9 essential amino acids in one servings! There isn’t any other fruit or vegetable that can provide this, its typically only found in animal proteins. Quinoa is a great source for protein essepecaily if your vegetarian or vegan.

    Oats – Notice I said oats instead of oatmeal, because I’m not talking about the packaged oatmeal filed with sugar, high fructose, or dies, I’m talking about the oats. If you can buy bulk oatmeal to prevent this, or read the label for the best choice! I allways buy bulk then will blend it in a smoothie. Oats are a great source of soluble fiver which helps heart disease and its also high in protein.

    Kale – Kale is one of the best sources of vitamin k, and filled with clorophyll.


    Author: Chelsea Marie
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