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    Metabolism & Ways to Boost it

    Metabolism is the rate which you convert food into energy. Knowing your metabolic rate can help with knowing how much food your digestive system can process. Based off of your own metabolic rate you can convert food to energy quickly or it can store it for extra calories as fat on the body. Metabolisms rates can change based off of your age, stress level, nutrient deficiencies.

    Observe your own body and how it responds to the food you give it. Everyone is different. Get to know your own body. It is the first essential step on discovering how to stay healthy for you. Metabolic theory is a perfect example of demonstrating that no one diet is right for all of us. For example you may know people who can eat processed carbohydrates and stay thin while others gain weight. It’s not because of carbs or that your body isn’t healthy, it is because everyone metabolizes these foods differently. When you know more on your metabolism and foods that your body does good with you will know how to choose foods that make you feel better and support your body and health. Give yourself time to explore your body and its responses then start to apply what you learn about yourself.

    Ways to boost your metabolism:

    Eat breakfast: If your don’t, your body will be in starvation mode and hold onto any fat that you have on your body to portect your self, so your metabolism slows it to conserves energy for when its needed most.

    Have Protein: In each meal make sure our having a lean piece of protein to help build and maintain lean muscle mass. Having more muscle helps speed up your metabolism because muscle burns more calories than fat does even when the body is at rest. Try to get in around 30 grams of protein during each meal.

    Step up intensity: During your workout make sure your intensity is high enough to be burning calories. HIIT workouts are a good way to insure this as well as interval workouts. Alternating from high speed to lower speed workouts gets your heart rate up and down. For strength training make sure the last 1-3 reps your going to failure to be at a point in each workout you’re pushing and challenging your body so it continues to improve.

    Foods that speed your metabolism:
    Green tea


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