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    How to Take Before and After Pictures

    How to Take Before & After Pictures

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    Whether you want to lose weight, add muscle, or become healthier, before pictures after photos can keep you motivated, going, and show your hard work.
    When taking before and after photos, it’s best to use a digital camera. Have a friend or loved one that you feel comfortable with snap your pic! If you’re taking it yourself, set the camera on a flat surface and set a self timer!
    Wear your swimsuit or workout gear. Pick something that is form fitting that shows your body. So you can see your true body.
    Take your picture in a room with the most light as possible. Natural light coming in from a large window is best. You want the light to be front filled and not overhead or harsh.
    Take pictures from different angles; full length of your front and backside along with a side view of your entire body, head-to-toe or mid shin! Stand relaxed with your hands down by your side.



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