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How to stay Motivated to your health goal - My site

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    How to stay Motivated to your health goal

    A life transformation begins with one person that is you. Everything that is happening around you is a reflection of what is going on within you. Being aware of what is happening around and knowing it is also affecting you so surround yourself with what you want to achieve. If you want the world to change, you have to change.

    A life transformation is an inner journey. It’s your inner journey. It’s not your family, friends, or your jobs you have to work on yourself first in order to change. You can’t make others happy being unhappy yourself and your happiness is your number one priority. When we strive to better ourselves what is around us will become better. You need to decide to take full responsibility of your health and lives. People accuse others around us as to why they haven’t reached their goal, so if your saying I’m too busy with my kids, my job makes it hard, etc think when you point one finger at someone, you have three fingers pointing back at you. Take full responsibility to what happens in your life. This forces you to make a change in yourself.

    Action Steps for motivation:
    1. Write it down. Record your progress. Describe your life and health transformations. This will help you learn more about your body and you can go back to refer as well. You can learn from it and have a connection with your goal

    2. Take a before picture and progress pictures along the way.

    3. Write down positive affirmations.

    4. Believe. The first step believes something must change. Then you must believe that you must change. You must believe “ I can change it.”

    Brian Tracy has outlined twelve steps to achieve goals:

    1. Develop an intense desire to achieve your goals.

    2. Develop a strong belief in your goals.

    3. Write your goals down.

    4. Determine how you will benefit from achieving your goals.

    5. Analyze your starting point.

    6. Set deadlines to achieve your goals.

    7. Identify the obstacles that stand in your way

    8. Identify the additional knowledge or information you will require.

    9. Make a plan to achieve your goals

    10. Visualize the achievement of your goals.

    11. Persist until your goals are achieved.

    Ask yourself “ What are you doing today?” Did anything you just say was a step towards your goal? Everything you do, every day, is actually for the achievement of goals. And what you may want to ask yourself is: Are they my goals? And: Are they worthwhile goals?

    Get clear on what you want and your path to get there. Decide you are going to do it. Dedicate yourself to achieve your goals. You can create the future through visualization. You can go as far as your vision permits. Visualize your goals clearly, consistently, and they will begin to manifest now. Writing down a goal or vision makes a commitment by telling the subconscious mind what you want to do. You must think about your goals continuously when they become clearer they become more achievable.

    Know when you set greater goals, you will face greater challenges. When you set the goal to reach an extraordinary level of health, people will oppose you. Peers may criticize you; family and friends will descend upon you; strangers will try to discourage you. You have to leverage your mind to handle these situations, maintain your focus, and enjoy the process.

    You are in control in the possibility of having a dream come true, which makes life most Interesting. Get excited about your goals. Get excited about waking up in the morning. Become an irresistible force of nature moving rapidly towards each set goal.


    Author: Chelsea Marie
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