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How to remove a mole safely - My site

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    How to remove a mole safely

     How to remove a mole safely ?

     remove mole safely

    Moles are common. They can appear anywhere. They are usually black or brown. Moles happened when the skin cells grow in a cluster. Moles are common inch not be worried about unless it is a new spot on the skin.

    Here are natural remedies to get rid of moles:

    Apply apple cider vinegar to your skin:

    A cotton ball in apple cider vinegar in place over the mold let it remain overnight. Another tip is to apply coconut over it for protection.

    Use sea salt and pineapple

    Sea salt helps get rid of the dried layer of skin to make it more smoother and clearer.

    Use honey and flaxseed

    Put raw honey over the mold regularly. Another remedy is mixing honey with flaxseed to produce a paste. Put it on the mold and leave it there for 30 minutes

    Use castor oil and baking soda

    Just mix baking soda with castor oil and make a paste typically 1 teaspoon of baking soda and a half teaspoon of castor oil apply these to the mall and leave it on overnight

    All of these are natural remedies to get rid of your mole. Try them out and leave a comment below.

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