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    Forgive Yourself

    Throughout your journey there are going to be hardships, forgive your self and continue on. Life doesn’t stop, and either does your actions to reach your health goal. Everyone fails at things in life, were human. The key is to figure out why you failed, how to prevent it, forgive yourself, and get back on track. Make a plan of action to use for the next time you get an urge, so then you take positive refocused action.

    To some of my clients I have recommended writing a note to them selves on why they are on this journey, how they will feel and be able to do when they reach their end goal then every time a urge comes you pull it out and read it to your self. Another option is for when you get that urge visualize your end goal, the purpose your doing it. Best of all, don’t put your self in the situation to have the urges.

    If you do have temptations along the way, take time to reflect. Go for a walk or gentle exercise to relieve the stress, be nice to yourself ( talk to yourself as you would talk and motivate a friend), and if needed don’t restrict yourself on food to compensate or starve yourself, because that is typically why a binge would occur. Have a healthy snack on you, make notes of how you feel, amd aknowledge yourself that you are worth taking care of yourself.

    Your mind affects the body. So if your feeling guilty, negative, or stressed its also affecting your organs, increasing your heart rate, blood pressure, tensing your muscles, disrupting your digestion, and disruption your brain. Self-forgiveness can heal you not only mentally but also physically. You want to have a strong mindset throughout your health journey. Understand what you want, release any blam, and feel calm, and center. Talking to a friend, meditating, doing something you enjoy can help aid in this.


    Author: Chelsea Marie
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