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    Define Your Goals



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    The first step is to define what you want. More specifically, how do you want to feel? Is it to feel healthy and energized? Build Muscle, Loose Weight?  Whatever it is, write it down. When you physically write down your goals, you’re telling yourself: I’m serious about this. This makes your mind go to work on helping you stick to the plan.
    The next step is to narrow your list to your top 5 goals. It’s important to have a focus. Don’t worry, you can always add, modify or change your goals. Once you have the list, reread it often!



    *    Always be optimistic about what you want — not what you are trying to get rid of. For example, instead of losing 10 pounds, make your goal to be healthy and feel amazing in your skin. Instead of not feeling tired anymore, make your goal to have tons of energy!
    *    Set process oriented goals too. Examples of process oriented goals include: having twice as many leafy greens with dinner, waking up early for daily workouts, bringing your lunch to work, increasing your run by 5 minutes each week.
    *    Write your goals in present tense, as if they are happening now: I feel amazing in my skin. I’m healthy, happy and I love everything about my body.


    Visualize Your Success

    You hold the key to something powerful and life-changing. It’s the strength of your mind and thoughts. It’s the power of visualization and law of attraction. There is no doubt that you can alter your circumstances and increase happiness with positive visualization. This is about believing and seeing yourself get to where you want to be. Focus your thoughts and dreams on what you want in life and you will attract them! This is true for your health, your career, your relationships, friendships and all aspects of your life.
    Now that you have your list of goals, it’s time to spend time picturing yourself exactly where you want to be, how you look, how you dress, how you feel, what you love!
    Use visualization while meditating, during workouts, right when you wake up or as you fall asleep at night. All you need to do is imagine yourself achieving your goals: See yourself getting stronger, running longer distances, and sticking to your Nutrition & Workout Plan.
    Once you see yourself achieving your goals, they won’t seem so unrealistic. Visualization truly works!


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