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    Chronic stress causes these four health issues

    Chronic stress causes these four health issues.


    stress causes


    We all have stress in life a can be financial health family issues anything. But little realize how much the stress is affecting their lives. If you’re in danger than stress is beneficial that is why we have the stress mechanism fight or flight response. But if your body is in constant stress mode over little things then you are damaging your body.


    Chronic stress causes extra hormones to be released such as cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine.. When you have extra stress your body becomes imbalanced and your immune system becomes weak.


    When your body is stress you are more resistance to illnesses, disrupt sleep patterns, skin agitation, and overwhelmed.


    1. Stress causes heart attacks.


    More heart attacks occur Monday than any other day of the week. It is known to be related to the stress at work and starting the week. The stress can cause film in the walls of the arteries which allow this plaque deposits to break and to suddenly break and trigger a heart attack.


    2. Stress causes diabetes


    Stress can cause damage to brain cells causing your memory to have issues. Research shows that it triggers aizheimers.


    3. Stress can cause stomach disorders


    When you’re stressed it decreases the nutrient absorption, decreases oxygenation in your stomach, and less blood flow which also leads to a decrease in metabolism.


    Ways to manage stress


    First identify where the stress is coming from if it’s a job, relationship, situation then you know you to change it. Exercise meditate be with friends and family that make you happy make a list of all the things that make you happy and make sure to do than make a list of all the things that cause you to stress and take those out of your life.

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