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Aerial Yoga with Megan - My site

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    Aerial Yoga with Megan

    Author: Megan Teeter

    As a mom to a 18 month old my life consist of playdates, schedules, daycare, and everything that goes along with raising a small human.  If you have children then you know that “me time” doesn’t exist anymore.  I find it so difficult to take time to do anything for myself or even relax while he is awake.  About two months ago I attended my first Aerial Yoga class and it seriously has made me a much happier mom and person in general.  After starting Yoga I have found myself to be able to remain more calm (especially during tantrums), be more understanding, and just overall be a more content person.  If anyone out there hasn’t tried Aerial Yoga yet then let this be a little intro into this wonderful wonderful practice!

      One of my favorite things about Aerial Yoga is that the silks seem to make things effortless.  They take so much pressure off of your joints and also allow you to really deepen your stretches, when normally you are very limited with a mat.  I love the class that I attend because the instructor really helps you to get what you want out of the class.  In my classes there is a variety of skill level.  Our instructor starts off by teaching a position and then will teach how to make it more challenging or how to get a deeper stretch.  Also, there is just something so liberating about letting go and allowing yourself to just hang upside down and trust your body to keep you from falling on your head.
      I would just like to take some time and show you some Aerial poses and explain why I love them.
    ariel yoga
    Aerial Handstands- This position is great for trying out your first inversions (hanging upside down).  It helps those who are not able yet to do handstands on the ground begin to find your balance and positioning while having the support of the silks keeping your legs up in the air.  Normal handstands can be hard on your wrists when you are first learning, but the silks help remove that pressure for more of a relaxing position.  This is a great way to gain confidence for the real thing.
    ariel yoga
     Arrow-  One of my next favorite position is called Arrow,  I think there is just something so elegant looking about this pose.  This position allows you to feel a wonderful stretch in your back and also in your hamstrings when extending your leg out straight behind you.  By interlacing your fingers, this allows you to really open up your chest and focus on your breathing.
      To get an ever deeper stretch while in this Arrow pose and to increase the difficulty level, just simply bend your extended leg, reach behind and grab at the ankles.  This turns into Flying Pigeon
     – This video is of a double wrist wrap inversion.  What a great way to get a core workout!  It takes a lot of core strength to pull your legs up and hold you body in the air.  For more of a work out, when you are inverted, trying to hold your legs together in a hand stand position instead of wrapping them in the fabric.  But it is nice to know that the fabric is right beside your legs if you need a little extra support.  The most important thing to remember when coming down from this inversion is to bring your legs back down the same way you went up.  Otherwise you are in for a hard landing on the ground!
    -Holy Aerial forward flips!  This move is so much fun but not as difficult as it seems.  You have so much fun while you are preforming this that you won’t even realize how much arm strength you are using to pull yourself up the silks.  The next day my arms were so sore, but each time you just get stronger and stronger.
    Yoga has been a great way for me to just let go of all my daily stress and really focus on things that make me happy.  I have learned to trust my body and also I have learned the value of my own happiness.  This is my escape and my sanity.  Honestly it feels so good to just take an hour to yourself maybe even once a week and do what makes you happy!
    Author: Megan Teeter

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